Helen Adventure English Novel
Helen Adventure English Novel



  • Prologue 1
  • Chapter 1: The Birth of Helen the Sofa –  2
  • Chapter 2: A New Home – 7
  • Chapter 3: The Lonely Widow – 10
  • Chapter 4: The Young Couple – 13
  • Chapter 5: The Happy Family – 17
  • Chapter 6: The Single Mother – 20
  • Chapter 7: The Successful Businessman – 23
  • Chapter 8: The Artist – 26
  • Chapter 9: The Beggar’s Home – 29
  • Epilogue – 32


She had many names. Some called her HELEN. Others called her something else. But she was always a sofa. A sofa with a soul.
She had seen things that most sofas never would. Things that made her laugh and cry, things that made her angry and scared, things that made her curious and amazed.
She had been through many changes. Changes in color and shape, changes in owners and places, changes in style and purpose.
But she never changed who she was. She was always loyal and faithful, always listening and comforting, always witnessing and remembering.
She had a story to tell. A story of adventure and mystery, a story of love and loss, a story of life.
This is her story.

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